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Tips and tricks for a Psychic Empty Tips and tricks for a Psychic

Post  Guest on Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:46 am

Psychic's are really easy to lvl most of the way....i have a lvl 60 and lvl 48...its important to remember that psychics are not great in taking damage but can deal almost equal or sometimes more than Wizards...Psychic DO NOT NEED ANY DEX!!! they have Fast channeling already and putting stats in dex is a waste of your stat points;)
There are 2 kinds of Psychics:
1.Glass Cannon(which i am more familiar with)Very Happy
2.Hybrid(which can take damage but give little less)Wink

1.Glass Cannon:
The stat distribution is usually based on the fact that you need to wear gear and you need to Kick some monster butt!!
So the usual build is +4 magic and +1strength which works out fine but you dont need to increase str every lvl if you do it
every ODD lvl then it works out fine..Basically you should have STR JUST ENOUGH to WEAR GEAR!!
This will work great and you'll be a Lean Mean Killing Machine;) You will sure give High-Higher damage Razz

This is a little more complicated stat build because you have to be careful not to increase the wrong thing at wrong time...
the basic Build is +4 Magic +1 vit every EVEN lvl and +3 magic +1 vit +1 str..this will be perfect for your Hybrid character..
With these stats yu can take much more damage and give Medium-High damage;)
Make sure you get just enough str for gear..thats al you need the str for Smile

Thats all for now if you have any questions or find any mistake in what i have said so far just leave a Thread Smile
Enjoy Razz


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Tips and tricks for a Psychic Empty Re: Tips and tricks for a Psychic

Post  Guest on Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:38 am

I would like to add that Dex doesn't have anything to do with channelling.
But I agree with you on going pure magic (9 magic, 1 str every 2 lvls).

My Lv100 Psychic on Heaven's Tear has a 3 vit, 3 dex, 50 str and 404 magic, and it 1hits most 90+ BMs/Barbs when I spark. xP

However I disagree with you that they are easy to lvl; they do kill fast, but they also die alot, alot, and aloooot during the lower lvls,
but that was maybe cuz I was going pure magic (5 vit). When you get your White Voodoo maxed, with your SoR and DoT's, that problem should be solved.

I personally PvP in White Voodoo (Sage version gives 71 defense lvl), using Empowered Vigor (Sage version reduces charm cooldown by 4 seconds),
and I make sure I always have SoR on (I have around 12k soulforce, which is 6000 damage absorb and reflects to the player).

Lets say you have full chi (399).
When you see the target, spam DoT's (their damage is not affected by our attack lvl reduction), keep hitting your opponent in the meanwhile.
If you are close to a charm tick, make sure SoR is on, use Psychic Will (immune to phys. damage, don't really need it against Wizards/Psychic)
At this point, you should have 299 chi.
> Switch to Black Voodoo, (+25 attack lvl with Sage)
Now you should have 3 Sparks again.
> Triple Spark.
> Use some skill to get 1 spark again (Black Voodoo, SoR, Cloud Eruption, apoth, whatever...)
> Earth Vector to stun. (do NOT do this if the opponent has anti movement debuff on; the damage is too low to be worth a spark without the stun)
If your opponent has a charm, dont worry about it;
> Sandburst Blast. - Deals alot of damage. Our hardest hitting long range skill that doesn't require Chi.
> Glacial Shards. - Deals a little bit less damage then Sandburst Barst, and has a chance to Freeze.
> Spirit Blast. - For the finishing touch.
> other skills if needed... your opponent should be dead by now.

Any questions about Psychic's can be asked, I will gladly answer them =)


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