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GV is basically a survival instance made up of 10 total rounds. I will describe each class’ responsibility as well as what each wave consists of. Each wave is made up of 5 sub-waves. The 5th wave is always the boss wave.

The first thing you need to do to start GV is have 6 rebirth orders and a full party.

What items will I need?
Everyone should have a HP charm.
Archers will need 1 or more MP charms.
Vacuity powders. Everyone should have at least 3. Barbarian should carry 6.
3-4 Hours of time.
HP. It’s not necessary but defense isn’t as large in here as HP is. You will receive godly buffs from the instance. So it is suggested that everyone gets HP rings and necklace/belt with ++ HP bonuses. This is especially important for the DDs who will be hit the most. Mainly the Mage and Archer.

What Each class is responsible for:

Barbarian: You are the lure. This is extremely important. If you fail here the GV party will not go well. Your job is to group the mobs up for sharptooth and bring them in grouped up. You also need to know when to roar, this is something you need to learn yourself.
Genie suggestions: Tree of Protection, Solid Shield, Alpha Male

BladeMaster:You have to have axes, with all the axe skills maxed for GV to go well. Your primary duty is to stun when each wave is brought in and dragon the mobs. It’s also a good idea to get a spear for knocking certain mobs in and learning the spear ulti. This is great because you will be getting fed chi the whole run. So you can double ulti with ease and make the runs much smoother. It’s a good idea to have the god’s eye on target and just AOE there. Do not leave blue ball range.
Genie Suggestions: Alpha Male, Tree of Protection.

Mage: Every wave you will start off with a mountain. Just spam your ultis and don’t die. Mix in hailstorm and knock back mobs off the archer as needed, but make sure its in straight lines and try not to knock back around a roar or alpha male.
Genie Suggestions: Tree of Protection, Absolute Domain, Holy Path

Cleric: You will be in blue ball the entire time. Your primary role is to make sure the God’s Eye is always targeted and that you keep track of the timer.
Genie Suggestions: Absolute Domain, Extreme Poison

Venomancer: You will have to time your AOE seal when the mobs first come in, usually good to cast it right after the Mage’s mountain hits. Your other primary job is to get the bosses before they reach the zhens on wave 5. So follow the barb out on those waves and tank the boss with your herc well out of range.

Archer: You will be sharptoothing the mobs whenever they come in and grouped up by the Barbarian. The moment after you will need to open your zhen on the god’s eye, right behind the cleric.
Genie Suggestions: Absolute Domain, Tree of Protection

The GV Area:

GV is made up of 2 different areas. There is the main area where you defend and the back area where you dig and kill mobs for celebeans, called happy valley. Celebeans are what is required to put in buffs. I will describe this later.

First there is the party format(s).
The most basic format is 1 of each class and the Blademaster receives party lead. The main reason for this is that if you have 1 of each class when you start the GV quest the BM will be given enough beans for 1 buff.

The latest 1 is a 2 mage format. Anyone can have party lead here because you will not receive the bonus beans.

When you start the party lead will need to have at least 5-6 open quest slots, as well as everyone else with at least 2. Do not switch lead after the quest is taken, this will cause all quests to fail. When you start you need to be by the spiritual disciple in 1K. Take the quest as party lead: Valley of Reciprocity (85+). When everyone is within range it will teleport you in. The first NPC(#3) is the first part of the quest, and then you talk to the next(#4) one and so on. If your party consists of 1 of each class, you will be given enough celebeans from the NPC(5) to put a buff in here.
You will want to put MP aura (#7) to level 1. This is great because it will keep the EP’s charm from ticking as well as everyone else’s except the archer.

Set up
After the 2nd round the area around the god’s eye will look like the above. Always set up your blue ball there.

Now I am going to explain each wave. This is based on a standard party with 1 of each class.

Wave 1
Cleric sets up blue ball behind the god’s eye. The wave will start coming in a couple minutes after all the quests are taken. Make sure the Warrior or party lead hands out the happy valley tickets. You will get 10, 6 are given to the veno and 4 are given to the barbarian. Archer opens zhen right behind the blue ball on the God’s Eye. Mage will open zhen right on top of the God’s Eye.

1.Wave 1 is nothing, just kill the mobs. After this wave the venomancer needs to start running their tickets.

2.Same as above

3.This wave may have a few sorcerers towards the end; these mobs will sleep so make sure you don’t let them hit the cleric.

4.This wave will have a bunch of sorcerers in it. Same as the above. After all the sorcerers are dead the Barbarian will start running their happy valley tickets as well.

5.This wave is done without a lure. This is also the boss wave, just let it come into the zhens, but don’t kill it so watch out for that. EP needs to get the timer. When the timer starts, usually towards the beginning of the wave it will be said in normal chat. So EP just keeps an eye on that. Wave 1 is easy because the time is ALWAYS the same. After all the mobs are dead, the EP will drop BB and attack the boss. Your job here is to tank it until 4:37 on the timer. The rest of the party, the 2 DD and the BM will go and dig in the happy valley. @ 4:37 On the timer you have everyone go back out and kill the boss. A mob will spawn by the buff NPCs, this drops goodies. After the boss dies a chest will spawn in the room by the first quest NPC. The BM should dig that it gives extra beans. Everyone pool your beans to the BM after you dig and run missions.

Happy Valley
This is basically what the first room is like. You need to dig all the chests in the first part, ignore the ones in the back while the BM lures all the lanterns together and AOEs them. Subsequently pick up all the beans.

The venomancer and barb need to run their tickets by talking to the ticket NPC. There are NPCs all the way to the back of the instance, follow the arrows on the quests. When you turn the last one in take your armor off and AOE the mobs in the last room. Die, to get teleported back to room 1. Repeat.

Wave 2
Set up is same as wave 1. BM should put all of the beans into the buffers. Level 1 to everything and rest into attack. The veno should continue running missions during this wave.

1.Wave 1 is easy as pie. The mobs should be mostly dead before the next wave gets in.

2.Easy as well. Mage needs to take care here, the mobs hit hard.

3.Kill all

4.Kill all.

5.Boss wave, but let the boss come in. Do not kill the boss, so be careful. Cleric needs to get the timer again. Kill all the mobs and everyone else go back to digging. Barb and Veno go to last room and dig the last 2 rooms. The rest will dig room 1 and onward. The EP will solo this boss. Kill it with 3-5 minutes remaining. You have a 15 minute timer on all bosses before you fail. After the boss dies a 2nd one will come with a new timer. All chests and mobs should be dead long before you run out of time. So when you finish everyone leaves and kills the boss. That is all the digging you have to do. Dig the bean chest and kill the mob.

Boss wave. Veno has the option of tanking the boss or just letting it in. Either way doesn’t matter. Max attack with the beans you get and out the rest in chi. From now on after you max attack; max chi then health then at the end put defense.

Wave 3
This wave is the first test. Using all the beans put chi and health up to 3 and the rest into attack. This wave has stun mobs so get ready. Same formation but Mage is no longer zhenning, you will be using ultimate (blade tempest/Black Dragon) until you can’t. Group up the mobs with turtle right outside of zhen and sharptooth the mobs.

Wave 4
Simple wave, don’t fail. Same as the above wave, Mage will just use ultimate.

1.No explanation necessary.

2. ...

3. ...

4. ...

5. Boss wave. Veno has the option of tanking the boss or just letting it in. Either way doesn’t matter. Max attack with the beans you get and out the rest in chi. From now on after you max attack; max chi then health then at the end put defense.

Wave 5
Same as above wave.
1/2/3/4 ...
5.Boss wave, veno needs to tank boss away from zhen. 2 Bosses on this wave as well.

Wave 6
Same as wave 5

Wave 7
Same as wave 6

Wave 8
1.Easy waves really. Barb needs to watch out cuz the mobs deal poison, don’t get caught off guard.

2.Poison mobs again.

3.Random melee mobs with some flying mobs mixed in.

4.Wave is all flying mobs, barb doesn’t have to lure. Mage and veno focus on killing the flying mobs. Watch out as well some may sneak by and attack Harpy.

5. Boss wave. Veno needs to tank the boss. IT WILL kill your herc so just kite it once it does.

Wave 9

1.This wave is filled with stun mobs, Barb should anti stun before luring. Sharp tooth and concentrate fire on the green mobs.

2.This wave is all sleep with a few melee towards the end. It isn’t necessary for barb to anti stun here since he’ll just be woken up, just use tree.

3.Tough wave. Group it up nicely and DO NOT die. You will have to anti stun here. Kill the Elites immediately and guards after that. Mage needs to aoe on the advisers as well, since they occasionally stun. But focus killing the elites. Always a good idea for timely roars and alpha males.

4.This wave is filled with elites and captains, kill them all fast. If you get through this it’s easy sailing. Just kill the rest of the mobs. Anti stun before luring.

5.Boss wave. No stun mobs here. Veno has to tank the boss as usual until all the mobs are dead.

Wave 10
There is only a boss on this wave. It can be vicious at times seeing that it is able to randomly 1 shot people. When it first comes in everyone should triple spark to resist its first cast which is an aoe debuff. Save triple spark to purify the armor break when he does it. Also EP needs to rebuff pdef, matk, mdef every time it debuffs the party. Barb and BM as well.


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