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Post  RavenPhoenix on Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:23 pm

Noun 1. meridian - the highest level or degree attainable; the highest stage of development

Welcome back returning Meridians!! Welcome new recruits to the Meridian family. Our goal has always been to help those in and outside our guild. Get to know all your fellow guild members squad with then as often as possible. Learning eachothers strengths and weaknesses and how to compensate for them is key to furture tws. We are a Pkk faction ONLY meaning kill all the red names u want leave white names alone. Alos I would encourage you not to kill any of the big name guilds red named player just simply bc we are not perepared to deal with the reprecussions. Vengeful is not rpk but they do have designated rpk areas those are Hidden Orchid, West Gate,and Silver Pool if your killed there theres nothing i can do. If pked anywhere else provide a screenie and report to an officer. China Town is RPK. Instinct is RPK, and Tha Click is RPK .

Officers are as follows:

Ravania~Leader (also reffered to as Raven or RavenPhoenix)

Athamas~Director (Elisha,Rensaku,etc hes got alot of them)

Perplexity~Head Marshal










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