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Barb vit build Empty Barb vit build

Post  Meto on Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:24 am

Well the best thing you can do at first to make sure you can use your starting weapons is the standard 3str/1dex/1vit melee build. After a few lvls you want to research the required stats for the weapon and hit the bare minimum str and dex you need to wear them and push the rest of the points to vit. You can also try to look for all vit gear which will help alot. You can also shard HP but i wouldnt recommend it till 7x+ seeing as you will be switching gear alot till then. If the math is confusing you when doing your build stick with the 3/1/1 build until required str and dex is reached for the next weapon you will be able to equip then push vit till that lvl. Repeat the 3/1/1 and stock vit again once you have your new weapon and have fun with all that hp!

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Barb vit build Empty A little help

Post  Guest on Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:43 am

Well if you have the problem of finding out what the requirements for Heavy Armor and Hammer/axes are you can go to this webbsite and scroll down. You will have all the requirements there. But I must say that there are a few faults in it, like a few special weapons that arent taken into account unfortunatly. And one thing you should be very carefull with is what your weapon and armor gives you +str or +dex because you might lose it when you change armor witch if you arent carefull might lead to you falling below the requirements.

Here is the webbsite btw cheers ""

The webbsite itself consists of a lot different guides so if you are interested read through them. But myself find the requirements list most important and take note of the fact that most of the things thats in it is subjective to the person writing the guide so use it as a help and not some dot list. And of course its allways better to get help from someone who currently have a higher lvl barb so you can give them your questions and recieve answers customized for just you. But seeing as this is just my opinion just take this as a help as well. Wink


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